"Homeless Court" To Help Those Struggling With Misdemeanor Offenses And Warrants

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Homeless Court (HC) assists homeless defendants who wish to resolve outstanding misdemeanor offenses and warrants. Homeless Court is a program dealing with Class C Misdemeanors through the Municipal Court of Lubbock. The program is aimed at helping homeless citizens pay off tickets through alternative sentencing. The sentencing can include meetings, classes, employment, or volunteer work and will be decided by the judge and case manager.

Initial referrals to Homeless Court originate with Case Managers working with clients in their homeless shelters and service agencies. The prosecution may review the cases before the court hearing. The court order for alternative sentencing substitutes participation in agency programs and community service for non-mandatory fines and custody.

Requirements to Participate:

·         Individual must have at least one outstanding misdemeanor.

·         Individual cannot have taken any action towards a ticket which would indicate a guilty plea.

·         Individual must have lived at the shelter for at least 15 days.

·         Individual must show interest in improving their situation and participate in shelter activities

·         Potential participants not currently active in a shelter will be assigned by the Program Director to a Case    Manager at an agency that is most able to meet the needs of the participant.

How To Apply For Homeless Court:

·         Fill out an application (Available from your case manager)

·         Return to your case manager when you have filled it out completely.

·         You will be notified of the date and time of your hearing

·         Be sure to attend your hearing on the appointed date.

·         Court is held in the Municipal Court building at 915 Avenue J

·         You must complete your alternative sentencing by the time specified by the court.

·         If conditions of alternative sentencing are not met, a warrant for your arrest will be issued.

Homeless Court is a voluntary program. The goal of the City of Lubbock Municipal Court Homeless Court is to remove warrants and fines for defendants who are homeless and who are making a positive effort to move forward and leave homelessness.

NOTE: Some Class C misdemeanors have mandatory sentencesas determined by law and will not be eligible for Homeless Court. The court will notify the defendant in such cases.